Wood Block Flooring from Kaswell Flooring


Kaswell Flooring Systems are specialists in Wood Block Flooring and have pioneered many new uses for wood block flooring while working with architects and designers. Not only have new patterns been developed, but also dramatic effects were created by using new species with new finishes. For beauty and comfort, wood blocks provide a resilient and flexible surface second to none.

kaleidowood kaswell 1

They come in a variety of species, each with its own characteristic grain and color, but all wood blocks can be stained and coated in a variety of colors and can be laid in many creative patterns. The basic theory of Wood Block Flooring is centuries old and in the late 1800s and early 1900s, end-grain wooden blocks were first used in the USA for paving streets. In fact most all of downtown Pensacola, Florida still has their original wood block streets.

cherry woodblock  kaswell flg 2

Recently the company provided 4″ x 8″ Pine blocks for the re-designed Wall Street area in New York. There is a wide range of product available to choose including dry and wet recovered woods, end grains, engineered end grains, edge grains and mosaics. Some of the woods pictured are: an installed white oak floor, Kaleidowood, an engineered product available in 3” blocks, cherry end grain wood block and fumed edge grain wood block.

fumed oak end grain kaswell flg 3

The durability is outstanding and when installed properly provides a strong surface that can outlast all other flooring surfaces. Many of the projects where wood block flooring has been installed are restaurants, hotels, ski lodges and offices. Additionally it is a perfect product for outdoor applications such as patios and walkways.