Thin Natural Stone Veneer from Earth Anatomy

Earth Anatomy has introduced a successful product line comprised of hand-finished thin natural stone veneer, natural stone laminates, decors and stone wallpapers. The natural stone offerings include Granites, Marbles, Slates, Travertines and Sandstones from quarries worldwide.

The Granite veneers as well as all the other veneers come in standard thicknesses of 2.0mm and 4.5mm, however the Granite can also be cut to less than 0.5mm in thickness. The thicker the stone the deeper color which subsequently will make the panels more rigid.

Pictured is Golden Leaf granite which has a very consistent color; Nero Marquina Marble with white veins over a black background; Black Slate which is almost graphite in color and is very; and lastly  Noce travertine in a medium shade. The travertine veneers are very popular due to the range of beige and browns that are available.. All of the veneers are available on a variety of substrates.

Earth Anatomy