Sustainable Wood Veneer Panels from Viridian Wood

redwood veneer cabinet panels viridian wood 0

Some of the greenest wood veneer panels in the world are being manufactured by Viridian Reclaimed Wood in the Pacific Northwest. The woods used are old growth redwood, reclaimed from wine tanks in northern California, rich, dark Oregon black walnut, from urban salvage in Portland and old growth Douglas fir from warehouse deconstruction.

reclaimed winetank redwood viridian wood 1

The company has partnered with a domestic, industry-leading veneer slicing company and the veneers are pressed locally to FSC certified locally manufactured MDF cores. The finished panels can also be pressed on FSC plywood and any number of other substrates including fire rated cores for direct mount application.

reclaimed walnut viridian wood 2

The Wine Tank Redwood (second image) is available in 4’ x 8’ panels, the Black Walnut third image) is available in 4’ x 8’ veneer only and the Old Growth Douglas Fir only in veneer flitches.

Viridian Wood