Strandwoven and Reclaimed Wood Product from Sustainable Flooring

sustainable flooring

Sustainable Flooring is a manufacturing cooperative that specializes in flooring material produced from environmentally sustainable materials. They offer high quality bamboo, cork and “sustainable” wood products that include Strandwoven Timber, Strandwoven Bamboo on OSBcore, Strandwoven Millwork, Strandwoven Aspen, Vercork, Textura Wall products and more. 

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textura wood walnut

Textura Wood is available in several varieties and options all of which are from a reclaimed or recycled source and since the wood is a post-industrial by-product it is often rustic or weathered in appearance. There are a number of styles available such as Brick, Charcoal, Stacked, Staggered and Walnut with the sheet size varying depending on the style specified.


The OSBcore line uses the most moisture resistant core material available and when merged with decorative wear layers it becomes the most technologically advanced flooring construction available. It is Floorscore certified, Formaldehyde-free and is made with both T&G and Interlocking “click” fastening systems. Almost any wood wear-layer can be merged onto the proprietary OSBcore construction; however, certain quantity limitations exist. The company has gained competitive acceptance over the years by creating excellent products, having competitive pricing, and staying ahead of “design” developments.

Sustainable Flooring