Signature Rift Series Tile from laNeva

rift glazed tile laneva 0

The Signature Rift Series of ceramic tile from laNeva is unique with two glaze colors on each one of the handmade clay body tiles. Some of the tile have a subtle overlay of color and some have a series of bubbles on the transition line between the glaze combinations.

lichen twilight & cafe curry laneva 1

The Solid colored tile palette contains twelve brilliant lead-free colors that are exclusive to laNeva and provide hundreds of possible combinations for the Rift Series. The tile are available in standard sizes and the company provides custom tile design services as well as sample packs.

sage oregano & baby blue sky laneva 2

The double images shown are Lichen/Twilight and Cafe/Curry and followed by solid colored Sage/Oregano and Baby Blue/Sky respectfully.