Reclaimed and FSC Sourced Flooring from Mountain Lumber

harvest walnut flooring mt lumber 0

Mountain Lumber is one of the pioneers in reclaiming antique wood from old buildings. For almost 40 years they have recycled this wood to create some of the finest antique and custom wood flooring in the world. Every piece of reclaimed wood milled is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty before their experienced craftsmen de-nail, saw and kiln dry each board.

rift & quartered white oak select cherry mt lumber

In addition to an extensive selection of reclaimed products, they carry a full range of flooring and rough lumber sourced from responsibly managed forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The images pictured are of a Harvest Walnut and rift and quartered white oak and Select cherry floors three examples of the many pre-finished custom colors and textures offered. The pre-finished and ready-to-install flooring can be nailed down or glued down, over radiant heat or floated.

Mountain Lumber