Marketplace Resource from PlanetReuse

PlanetReuse is an innovative company that has added a new “marketplace” resource online which will help “reuse centers” make their reclaimed and surplus building materials instantly available to architects, builders and homeowners alike. There is a very wide variety of reclaimed materials available that include office furniture, lighting, movable wall systems, pavers, doors and windows, as well as interior and exterior building product of every type for every need and budget.

Not only will nationwide inventories be available but a PlanetReuser will be available to guide you through the placement process at no cost to you. They will source the materials, send samples and generate documentation to support LEED and Living Building Challenge efforts. It’s an easy way to shop fast, shop smart,  shop green and shop  interesting! I am very enthused about this site and will be making frequent material posts from it.

The pictured product is:  glass panels that are available from a project  started and never completed. They range in size and assembly since the project was cancelled mid-project. Large quantity in KS; Barnwood Bricks (TM patent# 29/382,098) are reclaimed mixed hardwoods 4” x 8” and are 5/8” and ¾” thick. The pricing is 2.99 each with 10,000 available in TN and lastly, beautiful antique pine in random lengths up to 16 ft, 2-1/2″ thick and 7-1/4″ wide.  There is 3,000 board ft available in KS and the quantity can be split up in any amount.