Nabasco® Biobased Composite Panels from NPSP

biobased composite facade npsp 0

The world’s first truly biobased facade has been applied to a plain block building by Studio Marco Vermeulen in the Netherlands. The architects collaborated with NPSP Composites who develped the material using a special bio-resin combined with hemp fibers.

biobased composite facade npsp 1

The 104 dark-colored, smooth surface panels each measure 55.11” x 72.83” and have a series of letters printed on them in relief. The letters C, H and N are the chemical symbols of the main components: Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.

biobased composite npsp 2

The material is labeled Nabasco®, which stands for NAtural BASed COmposites that guarantees the production methods are both environmentally friendly and technically economically feasible.