Modern Metallic Handmade Tile Introductions from clé


The latest introductions from clé are from two international tile artisans. The tile are porcelain, ceramic and limestone that have been painted, glazed and printed with the glimmer of silver, gold, iron, platinum and copper. Each artist works with metals in their own way from the manipulation of intense heat to delicate brush strokes. Adriano Ricchetti at Il Monile has developed a method of working with gold by fusing ceramic with glaze until the materials become one. Pictured is Byzantine Ceramic Rectangle in Gold; the series also includes iron, platinum and silver. Working from her potter’s studio in England Brenda Bates fascinated by sea life has created the Celtic Sea-inspired Welbeck Coast Collection.


She immortalizes sea stars that resemble ancient fossils with her hand made tile by delicately painting Starfish in 24k gold and platinum.The clé Classic Tile Collection takes traditional porcelain and creates a faux metal tile with a finish of oxidized steel, iron and copper to create the contemporary Metallic Porcelain series. The tile slabs are 13” x 40” and can be installed on floors and walls, both indoors and out.

cle tile