Metal, Glass, Concrete and Timber Design from Axolotl

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Axolotl, based in Australia, is an international pioneer of innovative and creative metal, concrete, glass and timber products. Their unique range of products began with a semi-precious metal coating process developed by them that has become a benchmark for high end surface finishes in architecture and design. Axolotl Metal, is a process whereby liquefied semi-precious metals, such as zinc, copper or bronze can be bonded to the surface of any substrate.

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The technology expands the potential of any substrate giving it the appearance of solid metal without the weight and cost. The Axolotl Concrete material is a sustainable, lightweight and cost effective aesthetic alternative to solid concrete. It can be applied to almost any solid surface then patterns and textures can be carved into the substrate or it can be inlaid with metal or colored resin. The result is unlimited design possibilities in interior or exterior environments utilizing a material that traditionally is used only in construction.