Leather Tile Collection from Lapelle Design

leather wall tile lapelle 0

Lapelle Design recently introduced a brand new collection of soft and flexible leather wall and floor tile. The collection is offered in a wonderful palette of colors, textures and materials for architects and interior design professionals. The finished leather, which is Bovine or full-grain Buffalo, comes in a range of colors from the most classic inspired by nature, to the cool with metallic, iridescent and sculptural effects. The tile also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles, some which are also three-dimensional.

leather floor tile lapelle 1

The collection comes with a proprietary installation system that makes it easy to install and replace each tile on any surface even curved or irregular. Since leather has excellent sound absorbency and thermal properties it makes these tile a great choice for residential or commercial spaces, including yachts.

Lapelle Design