Ikat Mosaic Collection from New Ravenna

pamir quartz & mirrow new ravenna 0

The Ikat Collection is the latest introduction from New Ravenna Mosaics in jewel glass mosaic tiles. The classic patterns of ancient Ikat textiles have been interpreted with combinations of brilliant color and the glitter of reflective glass and mirror. The three lovely patterns in the collection are Loom, Weft and Pamir which are presented in five distinct colorways.

pamir carnelian new ravenna 1

The first and second image is Pamir, a graphic symbol of the Pamir mountain range in Central Asia. Available in three colorways it is shown in quartz and mirror and carnelian. The last image is the Weft design produced in a subtle palette of Quartz and Labradorite glass.

weft new ravenna 3

The Ikat Collection, is handcrafted in Virginia, was created in a seamless, repeat pattern for interior vertical surfaces applications.

New Ravenna