Vulcano Fresco Rombo: 3D Beech Flooring from mafi


The Fresco wood plank flooring from mafi is an engineered product composed of 3-layers and a carved 3D surface. The Beech wood has been heat treated without additives giving the wood a dark consistent color. The top and bottom layers are Beech with a middle layer of conifer and it is tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation.

mafi 3

mafi 2

Perfect for bathrooms, spas or bedrooms the carved 3D structure provides a special barefoot massaging effect on the soles of the foot. With their decorative character the planks are also ideal design elements for walls and ceilings and fits easily into both modern and traditional rooms. Pictured is Beech Vulcano Fresco Rombo available in 2400mm L x 185mm W x 16mm or 19mm thick.