Cuerda Seca Decorative Tile from Fireclay

Fireclay has been making the Cuerda Seca series decorative tile on their recycled Debris Series clay body tiles with natural lead free glazes for over fifteen years. Cuerda Seca is a Spanish term for wax resist hand-painted tiles a method developed to ensure that the glazes did not run into each other during firing. Today Fireclay uses a proprietary formula for their wax resist method and the glazes are inlaid with bulb syringes into areas between the lines. The glazes used were all created for the Debris Series tiles and to date there are over 112 colors to choose from. These tiles are not only beautiful but they have been crafted with over 60% locally sourced recycled materials keeping the natural environment in mind. All of the designs in the series may be custom colored.

Fireclay Tile