Composite Cladding from Tech-Wood

tech-wood cladding

Tech-Wood is an Eco-friendly, recyclable thermoplastic wood composite with all the positive characteristics of “natural wood”. It is extremely durable and can be used outdoors, untreated, as it does not warp, crack, split, or rot, is mold and mildew resistant. Untreated it will take on a natural grey color over time and can be painted or stained with oil or latex paint. It is 100% chemical and preservative free and can be worked with conventional wood working tools. The Tech Wood Siding is thermally efficient, recyclable and is available in channel, bevel and cove or custom profile systems. The decking and rail and fencing systems are also available in several profiles. NOTE:  Tech Wood is the sole licensee; there is no US licensee at this time 4/15/12