Clear Skies and Lime Prime from Earthpaint

The Clear Skies paint product is made with fresh Georgia clay and pure non toxic acrylic resin with no co-polymers or vinyl. It is a zero VOC, healthy and sustainable paint with a durable finish that will leave a room smelling fresh and clean. The paint can be used on the exterior as well as the interior and is an excellent choice for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Before painting interior surfaces with Clear Skies the Lime Prime product should be used to prime the walls. However, when painting the exterior primer does not have to be used as the resin in the paint is stronger than nearly all primers on the market. The Lime Prime product insures that your walls are properly primed for the life of a home and is an excellent product for use under the Clear Skies Paint. It gives the paint great hiding power as the primer works behind the scenes to create a surface inhospitable to germs and black mold, The primer is made from an inorganic mineral that has the same properties of rock therefore it does not break down the way normal paint products do. The paint is available in an Eggshell or Satin finish.