Barbieri Stone Mosaic Tile Collection from New Ravenna

Giovanni Barbieri Timeworn Lucido Rurale Mosaic

New Ravenna is proud to introduce the marble mosaics of Giovanni Barbieri. Barbieri, trained in the Italian artisan traditions of historic mosaic and contemporary interior design, has developed and patented a treatment for the surface of marble that transforms the stones surface into the appearance of ancient stone. This lovely tile collection is available in a range of sizes with a color selection of natural marble and travertine in shades of white, grey and brown and theĀ  finishes are polished or honed.

Giovanni Barbieri Timeworn Travertine Noce

The tile is recommended for vertical or horizontal surfaces for interior and exterior installations. The featured image shown is Triangles White Timeworn, 12″ x 24″ Bricks in Bianco Antico Lucido and 6″ x 12″ bricks in Bianco Carrara Timeworn. The last image is of Time Worn Noce Travertine 2″ x 2″ mosaic.

New Ravenna