BuzziScreen Mix Divider Panels from BuzziSpace

buzziscreen mix buzzispace 0

This new acoustical room divider from BuzziSpace designed by Sas Adriaenssens has a post-modernist look with its atypical panel shapes and complementary colors. The individual panels are connected with stylish zippers and can be covered with a range of BuzziSpace’s signature fabrics including: BuzziFelt, BuzziRough, BuzziTrevira and Kvadrat collection. Continue reading →

Essentials 3form Lighting Series Expanded from LightArt

3form lightart essentials 0

LightArt has added four new geometric shapes to their award-winning Essentials collection, appropriately named Delta, Hex, Loop and Quad. The dynamic product line is made with 3form’s Varia Ecoresin material and utilizes the company’s cutting-edge LA2 LED technology. The stunning new handcrafted minimalist fixtures are available in standard dimensions in a variety of playful shapes and sizes. Continue reading →

Baseline Artisan Pendant Lights from FEHLŌ

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The Baseline pendant offers a straightforward statement of color and form in a soft grey glazed porcelain. Whether grouped together, to create a dramatic statement or used singularly, the lights will bring a Danish modern solution to any space. Produced in Chattanooga, TN by Bean and Bailey Ceramics, the 6.75″ W x 8.63″H porcelain pendants are available in three color slip combinations. Continue reading →

ADJUSTABLE Light Series from Avandi

adjustable spun alum pendant avandi 0

The Adjustable light series from Avandi is handcrafted in spun copper and spun aluminum in the U.S. Controlled manually, the light can be softened in an analog way, by pushing the bottom up and down. The pendants can either be hung or placed on a flat surface and are designed to be used with small diameter LED bulbs. Continue reading →