City Leatherwall Collection from Studioart

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The City collection is comprised of carefully selected full-grain cowhides with outstanding qualities for a range of applications. The highly durable collection is an excellent choice for public spaces, offices and bathrooms. It also can be installed on floors in bedrooms and boats, as long as it’s walked on with bare feet only. There are many wallcovering solutions possible by combining the various sizes and shapes offered. Continue reading →

Medium Density (SDF) Product from Roseburg

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The medium density Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF) product from Roseburg includes a broad range of high quality MDF products. It has been manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent global emission standards and has physical properties that are similar to, or better than standard MDF products. The Arreis SDF high performance MDF was developed specifically with a patent-pending manufacturing process and is the company’s most affordable product. Continue reading →

D’Hauteville Concrete Low Armchair


Created by designers Julie Legros and Lavallard Boget, this D’Hauteville Concrete Armchair draws inspiration from iconic mid-century design with a modern twist; stripped to the bare essentials, naked concrete – a mix of sand, water, and cement — paired with rebar legs evokes a rough, industrial vibe that provides bold contrast to the smooth, modern form. And their scrupulous construction can’t go unnoticed; despite the use of unconventionally harsh materials, Legros and Boget have molded an incredibly ergonomic seat while ultra-fine sanding gives it a smooth finish. D’Hauteville shows a unique appreciation for material and craftsmanship, elevating humble components through a modern lens. Versatile enough for practically any space, this minimal, brutalist design will leave an impression everywhere it goes.

Material: Steel, Concrete. Size: 25.20″ x 25.20″ or 64cm x 64cm. Seat Height: 12.6″ or 32cm. Weight: 42 lbs or 19 Kg

Price: $650. Buy it here: Shop Gessato

Elephant Doors from Specialty Doors

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Elephant Doors are large acoustical sliding doors that are sometimes referred to as Stage Doors. They are used specifically when a swinging hinged door isn’t practical, due to size and there’s a need to control sound emissions. The most common sizes specified are around 18′ x 20′ and larger. Continue reading →

Alight Sculptural Glass Panels from Pulp Studio

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These sculptural glass panels were designed for indoor-outdoor application by Brooklyn artisans Chris Cosma and Densie Amses in collaboration with Pulp Studio. The panels feature a textured bas-relief surface that makes the glass come alive and brings a bit of an artistic flair to commercial projects. Continue reading →

Rigo Artisan Collection from 41zero42

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The simple elegance of Rigo porcelain collection reveals the pure essence of wood. The enhanced veining and texture is created through a process of upgrading and recycling of discarded wood. Multiple cuts are made on the material that create the barely perceptible lines on the surface of the tile. Continue reading →

Willow Kiln-Formed Glass from Nathan Allan

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Willow is a lovely example of “The Art of Kiln-Formed Glass” with it’s artistic, free flowing and three dimensional shapes. Designed with exclusive Freeform Series production by Nathan Allan, it is the first texture-less pattered glass in the industry. Willow comes in both tempered and laminated, clear, low iron glass, with a maximum panel size of: 6’0 x 11’0 (1800mm x 3300mm) and in thicknesses of 3/8” (10mm) or 1/2″ (12mm) . Continue reading →