Lightweight Bamboo Panels from Conbou Bamboo

bamboo panels conbou +

The production of these lightweight bamboo panels not only substantially reduces waste, it takes full advantage of the potential of bamboo cane as a natural resource. The innovative design utilizes short, oblique cross-sections of bamboo cane and thin sheets of bamboo comprised of cross-bonded bamboo strips. Continue reading →

Foresta Mumble Collection from Peronda

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Following the trend of recreating wood looks, Peronda Ceramics has added the new Mumble collection to their Foresta Arizona floor tile range. These beautiful porcelain tiles feature highly realistic rustic wood patterns and comes in a choice of four different colorways: Aged Oak, French Oak, Walnut and Brushed Oak. Continue reading →

Suberra, High Density Cork Material from Eco Supply Center

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Suberra is a sustainable and durable surfacing material made from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain. Most of the world’s cork comes from cork trees grown in Portugal and is a protected material that can be harvested only every nine years. The bark is used primarily for cork bottle stoppers for the wine industry and the rest is mulched and used for flooring, tack boards, and in the case of Suberra, countertops that is pressed to the same density as oak. Continue reading →

MAXIMA Collection from Q-BO Project

Immagini 301

Maxima is a beautiful large format stone collection from Q-BO inspired by the unique decorative Venetian plaster surfaces found in the ancient palaces of Venice. The company’s artisans have redefined and created all the aesthetic aspects of the Venetian plaster finishes using their technological know-how and specifically developed equipment. Continue reading →

Planters and Fire Vessels from Pot Inc

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Pot Inc manufactures a line of modern planters and fire vessels handcrafted in British Columbia. The collection is produced in heavy gauge, powder coated aluminum as well as Corten/weathering steel and in stainless steel on a custom project basis. The custom and stock planters and vessels are available in lightweight rectilinear, cylindrical, bowl and dish planter shapes. Continue reading →

Belle Large Pendant Light from Fire Farm Lighting

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Belle is an new pendant light showcased at the 2016 HDExpo by the Iowa based lighting manufacturer Fire Farm Lighting. Designed by Adam Jackson Pollock, the outstanding extra large fixture was recognized with not one, but two awards. One was for the Best of Competition in All Categories and the other for Best New Lighting in the Category of Lighting/Individual Lamps & Lighting Devices. Continue reading →

Naive Slimtech from Lea Ceramiche

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Designed by Patrick Norguet, Naive stands out for its nearly three-dimensional surface texture. Using an innovative technology based on glazes, the repeating patterns of carefully drawn pencil lines create a bas-relief design. The intersecting delicate lines, emphasizing the depth of the material and floating graphic effect, are accentuated by the lightness and size of the slabs. Continue reading →

Geometric Handmade Screen from Itz’ana Home

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Itz’ana Resort and Residences, in collaboration with the designer Samuel Amoia, is introducing a capsule collection of curated home goods from Itz’ana Home. The collection, comprised of screens, tables, seating and lamps, is handmade by local Central American artisans. Personally selected hardwoods are used and the finishes are all hand rubbed with natural oils and lacquers. Continue reading →